The Cambridge Business Design Academy (CBDA) is an internationally recognised, British-accredited academic training centre providing higher education qualification. Our institution gives opportunity for students to participate in high quality training in many countries of the world, outside of Britain.

 During the CBDA training, regardless of the place of training, our students may acquire competitive BA/MA/MBA equivalent basic- and master level certificates issued in England, acknowledged all over the world.

Our students may acquire upper level qualifications (Level5) by completing the trainings of Hotel and Tourism, Computing, and the Auditor trainings combined with international qualification.

The students of CBDA are provided with the opportunity to choose place of the training, from CBDA partner universities and foreign training places. The students of CBDA, thanks to the international corporate connections, and international education sites, do not acquire only theoretical and practical knowledge, but they can also build useful business relationships.

The Cambridge Business Design Academy, in order to acquire competitive practical knowledge, cooperates with the players of the international business sector. The CBDA has created its own CBDA Foundation, where our students may start up real international business projects, or may participate in making the already running projects successful.  The CBDA with its Foundation ensured the opportunity for the students to convert the acquired theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge. During the professional practices they may work together with students from other CBDA groups, with students from other countries. They learn to make responsible decisions and to take responsibility for their decisions, their work and for participants of the projects. During the practice they also learn how to work together with people with different characters, with different professional qualities, for a common goal. Our students learn different conflict and stress management techniques and solutions during the practice. In risky work situations, our students have the opportunity to understand themselves better, and observe the reactions of their partners. To recognize and solve the human games taking place around them, and to notice the hidden intentions of the other people. These are the practices, which cannot be learnt from the books.

 Our students, thanks to the so-acquired knowledge and to the real professional practices, will become valuable professionals and people with a huge competitive advantage in the labour market.

In order to keep up the high quality trainings conducted in CBDA, only and exclusively, such university professors can participate, who are recognized in their profession and possess scientific degree, and such professionals who have relevant professional successes in the international market. Our teachers, in order to maintain their up-to-date knowledge, take a professional renewal examination each year. This is also prepares them for the expectations and challenges of the modern education. Our trainings are small-group mentor-like trainings, where logic, creativity and problem solving skills are in focus. Based on the English curriculum, we support and encourage our students to find unique solutions, to think individually and for self-learning.

During our trainings we strive for our students to acquire qualifications reflecting CBDA High Quality vertical knowledge. The examination system of CBDA is unique in the spectrum of higher education. At the end of each graduate programmes, our students take examinations which reflect their true knowledge, in writing and orally as well, while meeting strict requirements. At the end of the BA programme, they defend a written diploma work of a minimum of 120 pages orally, at the end of the MA programme a minimum of 180 pages, in front of a professional examination committee consisting of international and domestic business leaders and company owners. With this examination method, we also support and shorten the establishment of their career paths, because the diploma thesis defence is also an introduction opportunity for their potential employers, and decision makers.

The aim of the Cambridge Business Design Academy is to make the CBDA-graduates valuable for the society, successful in the competition sector, and happy and balanced people in their private lives.