Cambridge Business Design Academy (CBDA) Accreditation


CBDA is an educational centre, whose headquarter is locates in England. The CBDA possesses the “Award for Training and Higher Education (ATHE)” international accreditation recognised by the British accreditation centre ( – The quality assurance of CBDA trainings are guaranteed by the compliance of English ATHE protocols with continuous supervision.

The CBDA – as an internationally accredited education/training institution in Europe and Asia – is eligible to conduct trainings in the economic/business areas for the in specialisations in Level 6 (BA/BSc equivalent), Level 7 (MA/MSc/MBA equivalent)

Level 6 (BA/BSc equivalent)

  • Extended Diploma in Managing People or Managing in,
  • Extended Diploma in Operations
  • Extended Diploma in Finance
  • Extended Diploma in Sales and Marketing

Extended Diploma in Managing Level 6 is equivalent to the BA

Level 7 (MA/MSc/MBA equivalent)

Extended Diploma in Strategic Management

  • Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (International Management)
  • Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (Finance)
  • Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (Marketing)
  • Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (Managing People)

Extended Diploma in Managing Level 7 is equivalent to MA/MBA


Level 5

  • Hotel and Turism

Those students, who are able to fulfil the training requirements, have the opportunity to acquire university degree, equivalent with their Certificate, after a procedure with any university connected to ATHE.

The ‘supervisor body’ of ATHE activities is “The Office of Qualifications and Examination Regulations (Ofqual) established in 2010.

OFQUAL in England is an independent regulatory body and professional quality regulator of the qualification programmes, studies and evaluations. This means that if the Cambridge Business Design Academy follows the ATHE specifications, it operates according to the highest standards.


The Cambridge Business Design Academy (CBDA) education consists of two phases

In the first phase, according to the chosen groups, the students listen to the curricula in the form of interactive lectures from the highly qualified vocational teachers. About the previously delivered lectures, they receive a written material.

In the second phase the individual learning is in focus. The student, who focuses on individual learning can take a successful exam. For the successful individual preparation of our students, we make the list of the recommended and the compulsory literature available on a public website.

The CBDA conducts its educational and examination activities based on the study and examination regulations. Each student after each semester take the final examination in writing and verbally. The written examination works are checked by four vocational teachers/tutors.


 Regulated Qualifications Frameworks (RQF)

The ATHE operates according to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) qualification system.

This new framework makes clear and consistent, how the different levels of thematic training requirements are built up, how each levels relate to each other, and contributes to the different ATHE centres – so the Cambridge Business Design Academy as well – to be able to uniformly declare the requirements and expectations to its students, and to reliably evaluate their performance based on their various skills and abilities, thus awarding them with the certifications.

The credit system shows what level of understanding, knowledge, application of the learnt curricula and individual activities can be demonstrated by the learners in writing and orally, according to the qualification level, requirements and expectations of learnt subject.

All ATHE qualifications are based on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The current educational programme of Cambridge Business Design Academy complies with Level 7 of the European Qualification Framework. This means that the qualification is equivalent to other international qualifications and therefore it is recognised in other countries of the world as well.