Auditor programmes

  • Internal auditor
  • Main auditor

The Internal auditor and the Main auditor internationally recognised qualifications are obtainable by parallel completing the Level 6 (BA) qualification.

Auditor programmes

For the effective functionality of the companies, the operation management system has to be designed according to the particular standards and periodically needs to be reviewed. The operability review of the system will be carried out under the company’s own internal audit (by the internal corporate auditors) After the training, the internal auditors are able organize, manage and carry out the internal audit, as per ISO 19011:2011 standard, of the quality management system, which is built up according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

The aim of our training is that our students will acquire the higher education Level 6 (BA) qualifications with the knowledge, which are needed for the audit of the individual disciplines (basic knowledge, audit- and communication techniques).

The auditors will be able to examine the operability of the system developed as per the particular family of standards with appropriate professional methods, revealing the gaps, discrepancies, and prepare the audit report. The company’s management continuously receives feedback, the PDCA cycle is supplied continuously in the form of impulses, repair, development or preventive interventions.

Target group

All business organizations who operate management systems as per any international standards

 public sector,


 for-profit organizations