The Educational Philosophy of Cambridge Business Design Academy


Education should bring change!

The education and the students diligent leaning should lead to knowledge, new skills and most importantly a change in their perspective, attitude, behaviour. By the end of the training they should be aware of what they want to do after acquiring their degree.

Learning is a process

Today, when the lifelong learning is getting more publicity, we would like to emphasise that learning is a never ending process. Knowing this, we organize and execute the activities before, during and after education/learning, which include objectives, preparations, education, implementation, application and tracking of learning.

The education, the training, the training is very important part for the company strategy.

The company, which wants to develop, should primarily develop the colleagues. Since the company’s most important resource is the well trained, dedicated employee, the management should pay special attention from a strategic perspective a to the staff’s professional training and personality development.

For the successful development of the staff, it is necessary that the management provides an example and identifies with the training process.

This means that the leaders, managers participate together in the modules and topics of our training in which they are interested.

If the management actively contributes to the application of the results of our training, and supports the education objectives, great results could be achieved.

Our goal is that our education should be encouraging

Good instructors are needed for paradigm shift, attitude change, behaviour change, development.  Our instructors are not only good professionals, but have pedagogical sense to encourage, strengthen, inspire the students for achieving outstanding performance in studying and work.

We strive to make our education to be easy to understand.

We wish to pass on the knowledge required by the ATHE accreditation body, as it is understandable and acceptable for the professionals and the students who are less familiar with the topic. The presentations contain experiences and results of the latest, newest researches as well.