The Cambridge Business Design Academy (CBDA). Internationally recognised, British-accredited academic training centre providing higher education qualification. Accreditation number:1019 ATHE. Our institution gives opportunity for students to participate in high quality training in many countries of the world, outside of Britain.

During the CBDA training, regardless of the place of training, our students may acquire competitive BA\MA equivalent basic- and master level certificate issued in England, acknowledged all over the world. In Business Management, Hotel and Turizm specialization. The CBDA conducts sector-specific technical trainings, and internationally certified Auditor trainings as well.

The students of CBDA are provided with the choice to choose place of the CBDA training. The students of CBDA, thanks to the international corporate partners, and international education sites, do not acquire only theoretical and practical knowledge, but they can also build useful business relationships.

Possessing of a competitive degree acquired in CBDA, our students become the leaders of the business life. All our students have the opportunity to continue studies in Britain and partner universities in other countries.

In the high quality trainings conducted in CBDA, only and exclusively, such university professors can participate, who are recognized in their profession and possess scientific degree, and such professionals who have relevant professional successes in the international market.

The Cambridge Business Design Academy, in order to acquire competitive practical knowledge, cooperates with the domestic and the international business sector players, who represent hundreds of businesses. We make our students successful together with their businesses, by providing possibility of the implementation of international projects.

The strategic corporate partners collaborating with CBDA, select their future leaders from the students who graduate in CBDA.

We don’t believe in mass training! The development of our students is conducted in a personalized manner. The CBDA also gives a perspective to the students for recognizing and solving the critical situations. We develop our students’ creativity, enhance their mental stability.

The English language knowledge is an essential criterion for the competitiveness of the modern man. In our institution we conduct the English language training based on the Business Design® method, which is from the basics to mastering the business language.

In order to transfer competitive knowledge, the Cambridge Business Design Academy conducts continuous research to understand the use of meta-communication and human behaviour better. Our students, besides of the modern competitive curricula, become the designers of their own business life, thanks to the CBDA Core. 

The goal of the Cambridge Business Design Academy is to make our graduate students the determinative leaders of the social and competitive sectors