Level of qualification: Level 6 BA

Diploma: Business Management


  • Operations Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Managing People

 Duration of the programme                         

7 semesters (3,5 years and a half year mandatory internship)

Credits: 120

Start of the programme: September of each year

The business management training programme provides extensive and modern professional educational profile for the students, combined with knowledge related to enterprise leadership.

 The topic of basic content of the programme is enterprise management. Special options include strategic thinking, quality control and structure and operation of management systems. The students learn how the planning and marketing of the companies, businesses, products and services work; how to implement and apply the new processes and how to manage and supervise the businesses and the human factors. The business and management topics have been widely applying to the case studies and project work. It prepares the students to meet the domestic and international business challenges. In addition, the students will learn how to develop winning business strategies and how to implement business objectives.

With the knowledge and analysis skills of a businessman, the students will have a number of international career opportunities. The training is recommended for those who plan to play leading roles in the future of the business sector.

During the training (BA/MA), besides the theoretical preparation, the students will perform intern tasks at domestic and international companies, in different sectors. Through the CBDA foundation, the students create real economic companies, where they launch and operate international projects in different sectors.

 Through the implementation of these economic projects, they make responsible decisions, and work together with students from other groups of the Cambridge Business Design Academy, and with students of the CBDA from other countries as well. Their work and their decisions have serious weight for each project they implement. They learn to work with people of different characters and personality types, in order to achieve success. They face with the consequences of their decisions and they learn to take responsibility. Through the international projects, the students have unparalleled opportunities not only for deepening their professional knowledge, but also building international connections.

 During the training, the students synchronize the knowledge acquired in theory, with the practical application. This is how they get a competitive advantage in building a career.

 The reason for choosing CBDA:

  • Learning in an international cultural environment
  • Internationally recognised qualifications
  • Strong and stable English language knowledge
  • 1,5 years of relevant practice
  • Responsible participation in an international project
  • Construction of social capital
  • Competitive advantage in career construction


Opportunities for the future

The acquired business interpersonal skills and knowledge open a wide range of career opportunities for such functions, as quality control, financial management, sales, marketing, and international and regional management.


Content and structure

In their studies, the students are required to complete 120 credits both at Level 6 and Level 7.

 Level 6(BA)  in the program’s first three years, they have to complete eight modules for obtaining the international qualification. The students will have the opportunity to learn the vocational subjects in English, and so they acquire a high level, stable English language knowledge.

Within the framework of the dual training, the students perform project tasks in a different field every semester, they work together, and they meet with different fields during the practice.


  • In the first year, the Core units are from the area of management sciences and quality management systems
  • In the second year they meet the management of different areas, and the methodology of research projects.
  • In the third year the students begin their specializations. The Innovative businesses specialization is offered for the students. Optional modules or optional subjects are also offered to the students.
  • In the last semester the students perform their practice of their preferred field at a multinational or local company, or at a non-profit organization.