The mission and guiding principle of Cambridge Business Design Academy


The Cambridge Business Design Academy management considers it a mission to trains such future managers and leaders for the Hungarian economy, who will be successful both in their works and private lives through their competences and personal qualities.


It’s our mission to provide high-level practice-oriented training to satisfy our students.

With the ATHE qualifications, we make our students available to acquire good position and jobs in the different sectors of the economy, and with the knowledge and entrepreneurship skills acquired during the training, to be able to contribute to the successful functioning and competitiveness of their future company.


During the implementation of our mission we represent the following guiding principles:

  1. Our students are at the focus of our work, our education. The commitment to the knowledge, to the students and to the school is leading us.
  2. With our organization we lead, manage and help our students’ studies. If possible, we help them developing their careers and provide support.
  3. The features of our education: modernity, intensity, objectivity, fairness, flexibility and open on the basis of trust.
  4. Within the atmosphere of freedom, we keep up discipline and order.
  5. We respect our students’ individuality, human dignity, and we recognize our students’ autonomy.
  6. During the process of education and learning, both the instructors and students operate as partners, to achieve a goal.
  7. We inspire our students to realistic, practical learning, and the practical application of what they learnt.
  8. Our virtues are patience, tolerance, interactive education.
  9. We care about our students individually as well, to achieve excellent result, especially when preparing their Diploma work.
  10. We help our students to consummate themselves with self-development, so their talents and abilities may maximally prevail.
  11. We cooperate and keep good relationship with our colleagues and for our mutual success, we exchange our experiences.
  12. We want to be proud of the practical successes of our students, which will increase the reputation of our institution.